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Center of Women’s Studies and Policies inulgaria has more than ten years experience in surveys and research on gender equality, women’s rights and violence against women,work-life balance and the distribution of care responsibilities.This work is applied in recommendations on policy implementation and law amendments on national as well as international level.

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Dissens – Institut für Bildung und Forschung e.V is a non-profit NGO with advisory, education and social research services. The main goals of the organization founded in 1990 in Germany is to foster gender equality by promoting non-traditional masculinity constructions (e.g. caring masculinities), reducing gender hierarchies and preventing gender violence.These goals are pursued through activities at youth services, adult education and scientific work. Dissens acts on a national and European level and has participated in and/or coordinated European projects and networks. Dissens has conducted several evaluations of the German Boys’ day activities.


Instituto degli Innocenti in Italy carries out documentation, research, analysis and training on matters related to children, adolescents, and families with special attention towards prevention of child abuse and child social inclusion


Verein für Männer und Geschlechterthemen Steiermark in Austria has successfully been providing gender specific services concerning gender reflective work with boys, networking, education, and training for the past 20 years. The Institute has been implementing as well as evaluating Boys’ Day activities in Austria for several years.


Center for Equality Advancement has been working towards promoting and strengthening gender equality in Lithuania as well as internationally for more than ten years through awareness raising, changing stereotypes on men and women as well as professional trainings.


The Peace Institute in Slovenia  has been developing interdisciplinary research, educational and advocacy activities for 30 years as an ally for vulnerable groups, acting against discrimination together with them. One of the main focuses of their work is gender and gender equality.

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